Unique experience in a little known region of Southern Italy, offering an array of cave, cavern, drift and some spectacular wall dives for all levels of diver experience or qualification. Discover submerged stalactites, stalagmites and columns within little visited chambers, visit the air pockets in chambers submerged 1000's of years ago. Marvel at the iridescent blue water from within the caverns, experience floating in a 'snow storm' created by sulphur living bacteria suspended in the water.

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Italy's second largest National Park, which offers activities including Mountain biking, horse riding, trekking and canoeing for divers and non-divers alike in some of the most spectacular surroundings in the region.

Stay in a tranquil fishing village with spectacular views and beautiful safe beaches.  Stay in luxury or choose a more economical option but be assured of an experience second to none in European diving.

The Location 


 The Cathedral.      


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    Sunset over the Dive Sites.


This is a genuine site run by divers for divers, no hype or hard sell and we guarantee no rip off prices or additional charges when you get there. All bookings are through the local tourist board in Palinuro.