The Dive Boat, Calypso at Palinuro



We are  two keen divers, Pat and Dino, who love to dive in unusual places around the world. We have a combined experience of some thirty years of diving.

Soon after qualifying as a diver Dino was holidaying with family in Italy when he stumbled across Fabio Barbieri   and Palinuro Sub.

Being newly qualified Dino did not appreciate the uniqueness of the diving in this area.  Palinuro is situated in the shadow of many well known resorts including Amalfi and Sorrento.  He was only the second English diver to have visited Fabio's dive centre in his 25 years of trading.

On returning to the UK he told friends at his local BSAC club of his experience and before he knew it he was organising the first group trip.  Following the successful and spectacular trip one of the group decided to  train as a cave diver and signed up for a caving course with Martyn Farr of Farrworld. 

A second trip was organised and Martyn was invited along, he was unable to make the dates so Dino arranged for him and two others to attend in October 2006. On returning Martyn has written an article for 'Diver' magazine extolling the virtues of the caverns and caves which is suitable for all grades of diver from the inexperienced to the technically qualified. 

The beauty of this place is that you can dive safely without any overhead environment qualifications as the dives are tailored to the ability of the group. Be assured that none of the dives which are undertaken are claustrophobic as the exits are in view from within the caverns. Likewise for those who want it there are some very testing and demanding cave dives, but qualifications and proper training will be required before the centre will entertain taking you out for these. The scenery both above and below water is spectacular and the locals friendly and offer a warm welcome.

For those who don't wish to enter the caverns then there are many spectacular wall and drift dives around the peninsular to suit all levels of experience.

Recognising that due to the difficulties finding anyone speaking English in the region Dino decided with his dive buddy, Pat, they would try to arrange for groups to visit. We made contact with the local tourist office who have a basic command of English to identify and arrange specially priced accommodation packages together with transport from Naples, which is a challenge in it's own right!

We are currently employed full time in the UK in mundane jobs and this is a sideline we hope will one day offer us the opportunity to get away from it all and move to sunny climes, in the meantime we are simply trying to put the place on the map and establish a foundation for a business opportunity in the future

So all you have to do now to take advantage of the opportunity to visit and dive in an unknown part of Italy and share this experience is to complete the booking enquiry forms and we will do the rest.

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